Once upon a Brooklyn co-working space, two ​women met and bonded over a mutual love of gummi candy. Then they didn’t speak again for two years.

But they were curious about each other (thanks, Instagram). So one day last summer, they met for coffee and agreed that they craved a space to celebrate literature in a new and different way: It would be plugged into the publishing world, but not too highbrow or insider-y. It would cover not only “big books” and new releases, but also up-and-coming authors and undiscovered gems. Last but not least, it would highlight the personal reading experiences of admirable humans across all fields — from art to business to music to fashion… honestly we are open to anything — and show the role beloved books played in their lives. At that moment, Eye Level was born.

As this space came together, other things fell apart. The political climate shifted, and many of the values we hold most dear — inclusivity, diversity, creativity, freedom, unity — came into question. It is an understatement to characterize this moment as one of tumult and uncertainty. More than ever, we believe in the power of stories to connect, heal, and inspire. And so, with a newfound sense of pressure, we forged ahead.

​On the surface, reading can seem like a solitary experience​. But any reader knows that books open up worlds, make us fall in love, feel less alone, more human, and ultimately, more understood.

Eye Level is a work in progress. It is also a labor of love. As our dear friend Kamau Ware (who took the above photos) recently reminded us, joy is a political act. So while we take our work most seriously, we write these words from a place of joy. We hope you feel it, wherever you read.

Welcome to Eye Level. We’re so glad you’re here.

— Caroline & Uli